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This week has been fantastic. Started out worrying about money and how i was going to make enough this week but then last night I got into a Cole Swindell concert for free and GOT TO MEET HIM AND GET A PICTURE AND AUTOGRAPH. I almost cried I was so happy. then today I saw Hairy Dawg just hanging around the Tate Plaza. I’m all for getting pictures with famous icons and mascots and what not so that completely made my day. I did good on my test last week and overall i realize how much Athens is for me! 

Country Music Running Music!!!

I’ve been struggling to find good music that can help me run and keep me entertained long enough so here is my playlist when i run!! 

1. Drink To That-Jerrod Neimann

2. Rewind-Rascal Flatts

3. She Get Me High-Luke Bryan

4. Like We Ain’t Ever-Luke Bryan

5. Good Lookin Girl-Luke Bryan

6. This is How We Roll-Florida Georgia Line

7. Get Me Some of That-Thomas Rhett

8. Sorority Girl-Luke Bryan

9. Chillin’ It-Cole Swindell

I’m starting a Luke Bryan tumblr. My obsession was taken to a whole new level this past week while in PCB with him. Post the link in a bit!!